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The muck heap is just outside the barn, no trailer ramp to contend with.

The grazing is individual, although you can share if you have multiple horses.

We do not restricted turnout, although we may limit access in cases of extreme weather for the horses welfare.

There is a wash box and solarium which is available to all liveries.
Although we are D.I.Y we do have a freelance groom called Kate who offers services from full livery to assisted livery please look at her page for more information 
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We offer D.I.Y Livery

We converted our egg production unit into stables in 2019

The stables are American barn style stables in a large open space.

We have space for 24 horses/pones

The stables all have automatic drinkers and concrete floors, the turnout areas are individual and also have automatic water troughs.
The lights are all on timers outside and inside which gradually turn on and off,  we also have a fan system for when it gets really hot.

You have a 1.5m x 2m area outside your stable to store your stuff
with additional storage in the hay barn

We have a worming programme in place. 


£45 per week  or £195 pcm
for this you get a stable, small storage space near your sable, space in the barn for your hay/bedding and individual turnout
use of school
We have an outdoor school sand and rubber mix

The hacking is excellent with only a short stretch on the road before you reach a number of bridleways one being the Grafton way.

There is also around 20 acers of farm land available to ride round 
If you would like more information please contact us
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