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Kate Webb

Onsite Freelance Groom Service

Kate she is experienced and very good at her job, she is able and willing to ride any horse!

Kate's services are not exclusive to this yard.

Happy Horses Equine Services

Full livery

Turn out and bring in.

Full muck out and skip PM if staying in.

Hay, water, feed, rug changes if required. (summer -poo picking, feed, rug changes)


                    3 day full £42

             5 day full £70


Part livery

Turn out OR bring in.

Full muck out, hay, water, feed, rug change if required AM or PM ONLY


             3 day part £30

             5 day part £50

Daily Charges


Full livery £14

Part livery £10

Turn out/bring in (Summer feed and rug changes) £5

Skip (inc. hay, feed and water) £7

Hold for Vet, farrier, Massage etc.. £15

Schooling/hacking £20

Lunging £10

lessons £20

Escorted hacks £5


Discount available for long term services

can discuss 7 day packages

An additional £5 will be added to charges for less than 24 hrs notice


Invoiced monthly on last working day and payment due within 7 days. Late payment charge of £15 will be added if necessary

You can find kate on her facebook page Happy horses equine services

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